Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eastern Standard Time for Poetry

The November Oranges and Sardines, spearheaded into life by the astonishing Didi Menendez is out and has a poem I wrote for Allen Ginsberg, along with a photo of me and an essay I wrote about how the poem came to me. You can order from Amazon or see online at

In the last two Skoog workshop nights, we've been made aware of the process of changing something in a line to its opposite (Plath, Happy Birthday, Sylvia! did this). Also that the 1936 edition of Dickinson's poems is a corrected version (all poems corrected and made to rhyme by another). The l956 edition is the real work. And to think of turning off the switches in the poem (as in its little rooms). Our amiable workshop leader says his poems got better when he started turning off all the switches.

The writing goes well in the workshop. Alas, I feel a bit stuck, or should I say "wanton." (see Plath exercise above).


TammyVitale said...

Hi Ernie - didn't know you were blogging! going to go see if you have a subscription thingy somehwere. FB told me! TammyV

ewormwood said...

Tammy, thanks for visiting me here. I'm sorry I missed the show this past weekend. I was out of town. Ernie